This is the results of a bit of experimentation. I had noticed the plethora of model posters etc for putting up in stations and got to thinking; I am lucky enough to own an exceptional quality Ink Jet printer so whilst looking at my Farish 25 with "double-dots" headcode - which is out of place on my layout, I wondered if I could do something about it.

I played around and having compared photos of the originals and the model, I found the headcode box (display area) to have a ratio of 2.9:1 or on the model 8mm X 2.75mm.

Using Paintshop Pro, I created a new graphic of dimension 800x275 and with the courierNEW font (bold) played about. The first ones I did looked too bright - I used white for the digits, rather unprototypically, so I redid them with a pale beige. Jiggled the digits up and down a bit, and hey presto! I think the results are very passable. The edges of the paper when cut with a scalpel were white so I toned them down with a fine point black marker. They are then glued in place with "pritt" - great for fiddly bit's like this coz it holds but will seperate with a tad of water when required.

The font is not quite right, I think the prototypes were a thinner font (the 'D' looks too fat) and some of the serifs are too long (had to trim the turn-downs on the 'T') - anyone suggest a better font? I don't think the BR one was consistent - whereas I have a picture of a 25 with headcode 9D00, the D has serifs, I don't think many other characters did... T?

What do you think?


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