As with all Electra's graphics the application is relatively straight forward and I would encourage you to read through my 8VAB page for details on how to do this.

The older Mk1 based stock had a very simplistic driving cab arrangement - really nothing more that two windows cut in the coach end and a driving position in place. To achieve that typical CEP look to the driving end, you need to leave the coach roof off whilst filing away the end detail. Be careful around the door and be sure not to round off the edges at all. Apply the end graphics (again following the 8VAB page for guidance). Trim off the tiny over-hang of the transfer above the unit number and re-fit the roof. Although the thickness of the Farish roof is a scale 6 inches! - it looks very convincing for the first generation Mk1 "look". Remember also, the headcode indicator was slightly off-centre to the left on CEPs & BEPs

Here you see the classic CEP/BEP look on the right compared with the more rounded look of VEP stock (or VAB in this case) on the left. The CEP has yet to be tidied up with a lick of paint. You can also see that I have forgotten to remove the roof moulding on the CEP >:o(

I have yet to place the airhorns and once re-chassised, I must fix the shoebeams in place and that should be it.

Just to prove it all works and I am not the worst blagger of all time, here is a tiddly animated GIF of it moving under it's own power for the first time (still on my desk). I put it as a seperate link coz it's 1.5Mb and those of you with slower links might want to pass It's a bit grainy & dark, but want do you need to see?

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